Celviano and Grand Hybrid Information


Grand Hybrids

The Celviano, Grand Hybrid, is a 88 key, hammer action piano that was developed by CASIO in cooperation with C. Beckstein of Germany, renowned piano manufactures since the 1800's.  


Features of the Celviano Line

The Celviano line consist of the standard Celviano and the Grand Hybrid.  Each Celviano comes with a full 88 keyboard and hammer action.  The Grand Hybrid has all wood keys like a grand piano.  Each Celviano comes with a 5 year warranty


Quality and Workmanship

The Celviano line is noted for its quality of materials and craftmanship of construction.  The technology in the computer design is second to none.  Quality is backed by a 5 year factory warranty, best in the industry.

Variety of Models


Entry Level 88's

Model AP 270

All of our entry level 88 note digitals are suitable for beginner students.  

Standard Features:

  • 88 notes
  • Hammers action;
  • 5 piano sounds, 8 additional sounds;
  • 3 pedals;
  • Recorder;
  • Music Library;
  • Proper height bench;
  • Ear phones jack and ear phones.


Intermediate Level

Models AP460 and AP700

All Intermediate Level Digitals are suitable for beginner students

Standard Features:

  • Same features as the Entry Level, with addition piano sounds and amplification. 
  • Adjustable bench.


High End

Models: GP400 and GP500

Top of the line digitals are the Grand Hybrids.  They are designed with the professional and music teacher in mind.  The Celviano Grand Hybrids are built in cooperation with C. Beckstein of Germany, renowned for their hand crafted, concert grands and internationally accepted pianos.  Their advanced computer design and features  is to long to list at this setting.  We recommend visiting our store or searching on line for details.

test drive a casio grand hybrid

Great Video showing the tonal characteristics of an acoustical concert grand and a CASIO Grand Hybrid.  Very interesting comparison in a real world setting, a concert stage.