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We Love Pianos, and It Shows. Experience What 55 Years Can Do

     When you really think of a piano and the importance it can be in your life or the life of a family member, it just makes sense to "do your shopping" and do it well.  

     We, at Pedigo Piano, take pride in working with people on a one-on-one basis, either by phone or in person.  We will set down with you, asking questions to help find out what your are looking for or what you are hoping to find.  You will experience, very quickly, our depth of knowledge that has been seasoned with 55 years of experience, ranging from playing the piano to tuning and all forms of piano repair and rebuilding  to assist you in making that "Right Decision" on a life time product, yes, a life time product.  

     Think of a piano as a tool or an extension to your hands.  Pianos have the ability to inspire and motivate due to their tonal characteristics and touch response.  We will assist you in allowing you to play a variety of products or, if you want, we can play a variety of pianos for you so you can hear what they sound like.  It won't take you long to find just the right piano with just the right sound, with just the right action response with a price that is just right too. 

     We will aid you in dodging the pitfalls of un-educated, lacking experience, piano purchasing decisions.  If you come to us and buy from us, you will have the feeling of absolute confidence that your decision has been well thought out.  The number of "Thank You's" we get from our customers is a sign of their satisfaction.  Your purchase from us, either new or used, will be one of the better decisions you will make in your life.    


 John L. Pedigo, 

President Pedigo Piano Inc.

A Little History and Experience

Pedigo Piano Inc. has served the greater puget sound area with pianos, digitals, organs, tuning, rebuilding and moving since 1964.  A trusted name in the industry where knowledge and experience cross to assist families and individuals get the facts on products or services they are seeking.  You will find that Pedigo Piano Inc., a family run organization,  will offer old time attention to detail, answers to questions, creating confidence in the relationship between the customer and the business.   

New and used pianos


New Pianos

The new product lines we carry are:  Ritmuller, Pearl River, Weber, Young Chang, Wm. Knabe, Samick,  Story & Clark, Hallet Davis.

Used Grands

Used grands in many sizes from baby grands to concert grands are part of our products in stock.  We have Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawai, Kimball, Wurltizer, Samick, Pearl River, Weber and other fine products

Used Verticals

Used verticals come in a variety of sizes from spinets, consoles and 45" to 52" studios.  Some are nearly new, some one owners, but nothing, due to old age or excessive wear will we have for sale.  We guarantee all of our used pianos both parts and labor.  

New Digitals

We are proud to represent the CASIO line of digital products including the Celviano and the Grand Hybrid, products that are quality built and carry either a 3 year or 5 year warranty that is not common in the electronic world of digital pianos.

Used Digitals

Many times we will have used digital pianos traded in on a new piano.  All of our used digital pianos are carefully examined and determined worthy to be sold by our store and our reputation.


Rental pianos ... rental pianos and more rental pianos

Renting a Piano Makes Sense ... Here's Why:

Renting a piano before you buy is like test driving a car before you buy it.  

Do you loose any money renting a piano ?  NO, you can accumulate up to 12 months of your rental money towards purchase of any new or used piano.  You can rent as long or as short of time as you want.  How can you loose. 

Let's discuss other advantages.  One huge advantage is gaining experience during the rental period.  You will learn more about the kind of piano you like, the sound, the feel, maybe even the way the piano looks.  All of this is a big advantage to you.  But there is more. 

Another advantage is the cost, rental pianos can be as low as $22.50 per month, a lot less than the cost of music lessons and books for sure. 

Another advantage is the piano comes tuned to your home and will have a full parts & labor warranty as long as you have the piano.  In other words, that are no hidden costs.

The only drawback of our rental program is, your renting a used piano and not a new one.  If you are looking for a new piano, then go to our Leasing a Piano page for new piano leasing. 

 All these advantages add up to one thing, you making a good decision, and we all like that. 

Learn More

We have hundreds of rental pianos, spinets, consoles, studios, baby grands, parlor grands and digitals too.  Take a look at our rental piano photo gallery to the see the variety of sizes makes, models, furniture styles and colors, and just maybe you will find one just right for you.