New Piano in Snohomish, County

Weber Grands & Vertical


Weber, since 1852, originally was a European based company that moved to America and is now under the parent name Young Chang, Korea.  

Young Chang Verticals


Young Chang History of most current dates:  2009 A newly redesigned piano line by Delwin Fandrich

2010 Redesigned product goes into production.

Pearl River Grands & Verticals


Pearl River Piano  is the largest manufacturer of pianos in the world.  

They also have the largest piano manufacturing plant in the world.  

Ritmuller Grands & Verticals


“I like the Ritmüller pianos, and think that the transformation of the Ritmüller line over the last few years has been one of the more authentic and musically successful changes in the piano industry.” — Larry Fine

Wm. Knabe Concert Grands


The US made Wm. Knabe 7'6" mini concert grand has the power and action response that concert artists expect and demand.  Outstanding tonal clarity yet deep and rich in its sound presence.  The concert grade Renner action is standard in this piano as it is in most pianos used for concert work. 

Retail Price:  $52,000.00

Sale Price:  Under $35,000.00

Player Pianos

Player pianos have evolved from paper rolls with holes punched into them to state of the art digital