Information About Our Rental Program

Why Rent a Piano

If you are considering a piano purchase then renting a piano, before you buy, may be your best first step.  Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive ?  

Rental Money Goes Toward Piano Purchase*

We at Pedigo Piano Inc. want our customers to receive maximum value for their money; thats why we offer a 12 month, 100% rent credit option on any new or used piano, including your rental*. 

*Available on our special 13 month program. 

Negative Part of Renting

If you are looking for something negative about our "Rent-to-Own" rental program then it would be this,  you are renting a used piano not a new piano.  If you are interested in a new piano then look into our "Lease Program". 

What Comes With Our Rentals

All rental pianos are tuned and serviced prior to delivery.  All rental pianos have a parts and labor warranty during the entire time you have the piano on rent.  No Cost for Service. 

How To Read The Photo Gallery Pictures

Each picture will have text at the bottom of the picture.  Explaination:

E. Store  Means the piano is in our Everett Store;

B. Store Identifying our Burlington Store;

Rent # 793 is the pianos rent #;

$35.00 is the monthly rental rate 

Additional Reasons To Rent

For families with children, rent to make sure they are going to stick with it;

Acquire playing skills or re-new old playing skills so you know what you want when you play it;

Experience is a valuable asset;

Save up money while renting.